Your Independent TV Streamer Guide

Roku Fitness Channels

Roku fitness channels provide workout videos for any level of fitness, and offer instruction in yoga, weight training, pilates, and many other techniques for both the mind and body.

Fitness videos for all levels ($)
Get the benefits of Tai Chi without having to learn any long or complicated forms
Fitness club promotional videos
Lose weight, tone muscles, burn fat and improve overall health with this comprehensive range of workouts ($)
Telos Alternative Health Channel and Telos Mind Body Spirit TV in one blended channel
Exercise instruction and promotional videos
Stunts, roller coasters, sky diving and other adrenaline-inducing footage
Simple exercises that anyone, of any age, can do from home
30 minute yoga/fitness classes from Sadie Nardini ($)
Simple and easy-to follow daily workout schedule with the legendary fitness guru
Episodes of the classic Jack LaLanne Show, featuring daily workout routines
Learn how to protect yourself with these self-defense techniques
Motivational fitness videos from Raymond Querido
Relax, focus, unwind, and harness your internal strength through daily Qigong practice
Learn different styles of self-defense and how to protect yourself in any situation
Cycling, triathlon and running training videos
Short instructional videos showing yoga poses
Workouts in a variety of popular formats
10-minute workout routines that you can mix and match to help you lose weight and tone your body
Health and fitness tutorial videos