Roku Games

Roku games offer fun for the solo player and the entire family, with children's games, puzzles, arcade games, classic games, and home versions of TV game shows.

An archery combat game where you eliminate foes to emerge victorious
Play chess against the machine
A Roku version of whack-a-mole - strike the furry creatures with your hammer as they pop out of their holes
Five minutes of fun before a film with six puzzle and trivia games to choose from
Defend the central cannon against swarms of enemies from all sides using precise aiming and quick reflexes
Gather delectable edibles strewn across your path while deftly evading obstacles in your progress
Gather diamonds to gain enough points to blow up the monster in a fiery explosion at the end of each round
Improve vocabulary and spelling while solving word puzzles
The most iconic video game of all time - collect dots in the mazes without getting eaten by the ghosts
A multi-player fixed-shooter game modeled after the 1980s-era video arcade game Galaga
A multiple-choice scrambled word game
Multiple-choice math quizzes in three levels of difficulty
Test your knowledge in several categories with multiple choice questions that will even stump many adults
A Roku version of the memory card game Concentration, designed for very young children
A ball sort puzzle game for young children
Navigate your way through challenging lanes, dodging rival vehicles and obstacles in this road adventure
A 2D single-shooter arcade game
The classic snakes and ladders board game for young children
A Roku version of the classic 1970s arcade game Pong
Run and jump across Classic and Spooky Island themes, defeat monsters, and collect a variety of items for high scores until the clock runs out