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These Roku channels provide help for your Thanksgiving meal

November 17, 2017 - 18:53 -- RokuGuide

If you're looking for help with your holiday meal, these Roku channels offer inspiration, tips, and full recipes for appetizers, main courses, side dishes, desserts, and even adult beverages.

Five Roku Channels for Help With Your Thanksgiving MealAre you in a last-minute panic over how to prepare the Thanksgiving meal? We can't help you thaw out that frozen turkey in one hour, but we can direct you to some Roku channels that have plenty of other advice, recipes, and tips for a perfect holiday meal. offers dozens of recipe videos in four Thanksgiving categories (the categories will initially show only 20 videos, but that number increases in increments of 20 as your scroll right): Thanksgiving Starters and Sides (68 videos), Thanksgiving Turkey and Mains (34 videos), Thanksgiving Desserts and Drinks (51 videos), and Make Ahead Thanksgiving (13 videos). Starters and sides include instructions for making turkey gravy, a recipe for "The Best Thanksgiving Stuffing," and even a keto-friendly low-carb cranberry sauce. Under Turkeys and Mains, you'll find traditional favorites like green bean casserole, alternative main dishes like a Thanksgiving vegan casserole, and several different ways to cook a turkey. Desserts and Drinks include Betty's Pumpkin Pie Cake, Sweet Potato Biscuits, and a Pumpkin Apple Fizz. The Make Ahead category includes crockpot recipes and casseroles that will let you relax with your family and friends before dinner, instead of standing over a hot stove.

TheFoodChannel has a small but interesting collection of 22 Thanksgiving recipes that include a traditional Roasted Turkey and Gravy and a Black Walnut Pumpkin Pie. Their Thanksgiving category also includes several "90 Second" videos that include Sweet Potato Souffle, Mini Turkey Sliders, and Pumpkin Pecan Roll. (90 seconds refers to the video length, NOT the length of time to prepare the dish!) There are also a few "tips" videos, such as How to Crimp Your Crust.

If you want to add some Southern flair to your holiday meal, Southern Food will show you how to make The Best Southern Smothered Turkey Wings and Gravy and Turkey Fried Steak with Sausage Gravy. For desserty, try the Bangin' Gluten-Free Pumpkin Pie with Gluten-Free Pie Crust or Southern Sweet Potato Pie.

Who says the holiday meal has to be created indoors? The Outdoor Cooking Channel features The New Holiday Outdoor Cooking with favorites like the Smo-fried Turkey, Twice Smoked Holiday Ham, Four Easy Holiday Pie Recipes Cooked Outdoors, and, for my vegetarian guests, Beercan Vegan Turkey on a Big Green Egg. If you're doing an outdoor turkey, though, you might want to start with "Top 6 Turkey Techniques" for some inspiration.

One of my favorite video chefs is Hilah, and her HilahCooking channel features 11 "Thanksgiving Day Treats." These include pumpkin bread, twice-backed sweet potatoes, pumpkin spice scones, and buttery dinner rolls. And for the days after turkey day, watch "What to do with Thanksgiving Leftovers."

Don't overlook the liquid refreshments! Wine Oh TV has a Thanksgiving categories with videos that include "Creative Thanksgiving Recipes and Wine Pairings" and, following the disastrous fires experienced earlier this Fall, "9 Thanksgiving Wines that Support California Wine Country." Drinks will provide inspiration and instructions for everything else; their Holiday Cocktail category has over a dozen videos that include a Thanksgiving Manhattan, The Grand Thanksgiving Cocktail, a Thanksgiving Gobble-tini, and Sparkling Thanksgiving Punch.

Those are only a few ideas from the entire 153-channel collection of Food channels on Roku. If you have a favorite Roku channel for Thanksgiving meal planning, let us know the comments section below. Happy Thanksgiving from!

This article was previously published and has been updated to reflect current content for Thanksgiving 2017.