The Outdoor Cooking Channel

The Outdoor Cooking Channel Quick Look: The Outdoor Cooking Channel provides on-demand episodes of several shows themed around barbecue and grilling. The available series are:

  • The BBQ Central Show
  • GrateTV
  • Cooking Everything Outdoors
  • Cooking with ButtRub
  • Backyard BBQ and Grilling with
  • Fred Bernardo the Smokin Guitar Player
  • Whiskey Bent BBQ In The Pit
  • The Backyard BBQ Show - BBQFood4U
  • Fred Bernardo the Smokin Guitar Player
  • Grill Girl
  • BBQ Superstars
  • Tailgate Training Camp
  • Championship Barbecue with Dennis Stewart
  • Celebrity Grill

Most episodes are under 10 minutes in length are generally of a high quality and professionally-produced. Topics include techniques, recipes, and competition. The channel also offers a continuous play selection so you don't have to decide which video to watch.

-- Information is current as of November 26, 2014

Developer's Channel Description: The Outdoor Cooking Channel is an Internet based Channel focused on BBQ, Grilling, Dutch Oven Cooking, and much more. The Outdoor Cooking Channel has officially been in operation since May of 2011 at

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DEVELOPER: Bevington IT Services

FEES: None

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