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Display a mist-colored forest under a full moon as your Roku's background
Online photography, post-production, color-grading, filmmaking, lighting, and retouching tutorials for photographers, retouchers, and visual artists ($)
Lessons across many subjects, 100+ added every month ($)
Weird genre cinema, blending recent arthouse discoveries with outrageous midnight movies and grindhouse classics
Black-led movies and TV shows
Independent series and films
Documentaries that explore the vastness of history's darker moments
An uncompromising look into the future through in-depth tech and science explainers
Indie shows about ghosts, vampires, ghost hunting, paranormal activity, spirits, apparitions, paranormal equipment, psychics, mediums, magic, mysteries and more
Classic horror, mystery, thriller, and dark drama movies
Yoga-based workouts for every fitness level - from beginner to advanced
A diverse mix of engaging and inspiring cooking programming that resonates globally, featuring internationally acclaimed series
Display a slideshow of Halloween-themed photos while your Roku is idle; time and weather options available
Curated expert tutorials on various craft projects with easy instructional videos for adults and kids
A side-scrolling 2D platform game where your dinosaur builds a tower of dino eggs to avoid danger
Live and on-demand musical concerts
Folk songs with wonderful stories inspired by the stories and history
A collection of original songs from Dan "PooBah" Mealer
A mixture of Smooth, Fusion, Lounge, Electronic, World, R&B, Cool, Funk, Big Band, Acid, Latin, Groove, Neo-Sol, Nu Jazz and more
Nursery rhymes and sing-alongs in English and Spanish