Roku Channels - Newest First

All of our exclusive Roku channel reviews, sorted to show newest first.

Professional and amateur videos of sports-related mishaps, crashes and bloopers
Eight linear streams of music videos and concerts, featuring rock, country, hip hop, gospel, Latin, and international music
Daily sports betting analysis podcasts
Over 50 animated children's movies
Half-hour video tours of European historical sites
The official app of the WNBA; WNBA League Pass allows fans to watch live games, replays, and condensed replays ($)
Thousands of curated independent films, and selected television series from around the world
Run your ninja up walls to grab tokens and gain powers while dodging obstacles
Perform cool stunts and spectacular tricks on your BMX bike while grabbing coins and dodging obstacles
A platform for independent streaming networks, radio stations and podcasters looking to expand their reach and grow their audiences
21 horror films, many of which could have been plucked out of Walmart's discount DVD bin.
52 comedy films, from vintage Abbott & Costello to DVD discount bin titles
52 documentaries and non-fiction films
50+ vintage, indie, and modern-era legal and police dramas
Music and fitness meet to inspire better workouts ($)
Workout videos and routines made for people who haven't exercised in a long time, or ever ($)
Cannabis-themed movies, plus a handful of podcast and webisode episodes
Premium boxing content, including live events and robust supporting content ($)
An outdoor show that combines hunting, fishing, and gospel music
Video tutorials to learn about quilting, embroidery, knitting, crochet, and textile art from Britain’s finest tutors ($)