Voltage Run Free

Voltage Run Free is a simple arcade-style game for the youngest kids in the family. The objective is very simple: Get enough points to blast away the monster at the end of each level to advance to the next level. You gain points by moving your avatar left and right collect colored diamonds. Double your current total if you collect a x2 award, but watch out for the ÷2 because it will cut your current total in half. Additional obstacles are added as you advance through the levels. You'll lose points if you hit a brick wall, construction barricade, etc. When the monster appears at the end, click OK. If you have enough points, another click of the OK button will blow him away in an explosion. Not enough points and you will be incinerated.

-- Information is current as of June 6, 2024

CHANNEL STORE DESCRIPTION: Set sail on a daring voyage through dangerous waters, gathering diamond and facing tough foes to claim victory. Navigate through obstacles with skill and strategy, conquering each level along the way. Download now from store and have fun!

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DEVELOPER: Tudip Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

FEES: None