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Change the background of your Roku menu screens to an American Western-themed scene
Full seasons of the popular sitcoms Black-ish, Martin, The Bernie Mac Show, and Everybody Hates Chris
Animated children's video series that present life and learning in a fascinating new light, experienced through the magic of movement, dance and song
An independent social broadcasting platform for live competitions and related streams with a community of culture, sports, and music fans
A livestream of beautiful wildlife video accompanied by soothing background music
Animated videos for preschoolers and kindergartners that are designed to teach good habits, emotions, words, numbers, notes, and colors
Explore the depths of the great blue with this nautical inspired wallpaper complete with a giant squid
A live stream of classic TV shows and movies
Exclusive interviews and behind the scenes footage, featuring the most inspirational and influential celebrities of all time ($)
A dozen videos from the Nick Smith NBA YouTube channel
lCassic professional wrestling from the world-famous Savoldi Family Wrestling Library
A UK-based comedy stream service, with live shows, series, and specials available on demand ($)
Display a slideshow of star-filled night skies while your Roku is idle
Movies featuring slashers, gialo, stalkers, psychopaths, deranged killers, satanic cults, ritualistic sacrifice, and more
Display a slideshow of over 1,000 full-HD sunset photos while your Roku is idle
Launch this space wallpaper that's out of this world
Popular faith-based movies, series, and documentaries spanning all popular genres
Thousands of HD movies and TV shows across various genres including action, drama, and family-friendly content, as well as a variety of live news and sports channels
Independent films, reality and scripted TV series, thought provoking documentaries, and cult classic favorites
A library of award-winning films and conversation content ($)