Fitness Pro

Fitness Pro has a small collection of fitness-related videos in the following categories:

  • Bodybuilding
  • Nutrition
  • Bodybuilding Motivation
  • Fitness Motivation
  • Fitness

Titles include Crazy Fitness Moments, Prismo Strong Hard Workout, and Full Day of Eating as a Bodybuilder. An example video, from the Frank Tufano YouTube channel, is shown below.

-- Information is current as of May 23, 2024

CHANNEL STORE DESCRIPTION: Welcome to Fitness Pro—your new go-to spot for daily doses of inspiration and guidance on your fitness journey! Here, we’re all about sharing the secrets to staying motivated, the smartest workout tips, and the most effective tricks to keep you moving forward. Wondering about the best exercises for your goals, or the optimal foods to fuel your workouts? We’ve got you covered. Plus, we’ll guide you on timing your meals to complement your fitness regime.

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