Starburn is a Roku game patterned after Galaga, a fixed shooter arcade video game released in 1981. The following game description is adapted from Wikipedia: "The objective of each stage is to defeat all of the Galaga aliens, which will fly into formation from the top and sides of the screen. Aliens will dive towards the player while shooting down projectiles; colliding with either projectiles or aliens will result in a life being lost." Player controls are simple - use the [left] and [right] directional arrows to move back and forth, and use the [OK] button to shoot.

You can buy coins to upgrade for $0.99 for 100 coins, $2.99 for 300 coins, and $4.99 for 400 coins. That's right, you'll pay more per coin if you buy 400 instead of 100 or 300. Also,there doesn't seem to be any way to exit the game aside from the [HOME] button on the remote, dumping you back to the Roku home screen (that was the result on our Roku, anyway). Gameplay is difficult as moving back and forth across the screen is very slow; we don't know if this was how the original Galaga responded or not.

-- Information is current as of May 31, 2024

CHANNEL STORE DESCRIPTION: Galactic Onslaught: Defend the galaxy in this free-to-play, multiplayer Galaga-style game for connected TVs. Upgrade, battle aliens, and dominate the cosmos! Download now from store and have fun!

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DEVELOPER: Alpha 212

FEES: None