Your Independent TV Streamer Guide

Roku Kids & Family Channels

Roku kids & family channels include content for the entire family, from baby nursery rhymes and children's sing-alongs, to family-friendly movies and instructional parenting videos.

Challenges, toy reviews, unboxings and more
Animated sing-alongs and educational/entertaining content for children
Focused on parents with cooking recipes, health tips, education for children, and more (Spanish)
Entertaining and educational programming for children
A reading of "The Strawberry Tree: A Story For Christmas" by Dr. Lawrence A. Wood
Lego project builds and video games
Crafts you can create at home
Offbeat animated comedy
Classic animations from Aardman's Oscar-Winning studio
Dead channel - single video never loads
Animated shows and cartoons for kids
Two siblings playing with fun toys, toy unboxing, making slime, fun challenges, and more
The nation's #1 educational fitness program for kids; videos get kids exercising, learning and laughing
Fitness program for kids that combines movement with a mission ($)
A kid-friendly, ethnically-centric edutainment channel with a variety of animated shows
Funny videos featuring babies and children, from America's Funniest Videos
Videos on Roblox, Sims and games
Lego stop-motion builds and Lego set reviews
A handful of animated nursery rhymes
Alphabet rhymes, ABC songs and more for kids learning