Roku Kids & Family Channels

Roku kids & family channels include content for the entire family, from baby nursery rhymes and children's sing-alongs, to family-friendly movies and instructional parenting videos.

Ten learning videos for young children
Dive into amazing adventures with a curious, kind, clumsy, funny, energetic, and friendly character
A family vlog with challenges, pranks, and more
Offering kids a strong foundation for empowered learning with career and life skills, and how to nurture their mental health
Simple Vids for really little kids and Educational Vids for those slightly more advanced.
Dead channel - single video never loads
Animated Brazilian series for children (all content is in Portuguese)
Two siblings playing with fun toys, toy unboxing, making slime, fun challenges, and more
Commercial-free vintage and classic cartoons for kids and adults ($)
A collection of educational videos for children of all ages
Animated videos in which foxes and their friends help children learn good manners, safety tips, colors, numbers, healthy habits, and different professions
A kid-friendly, ethnically-centric edutainment channel with a variety of animated shows
Funny videos featuring babies and children, from America's Funniest Videos
Videos on Roblox, Sims and games
Entertaining and educational videos, challenges, toys and more
Explore the World of the Classic Nursery Rhymes, Learning songs, Phonics Songs and Lullabies to rock them to sleep
Kids identify symbols, related sounds, build words, understand vowels and consonants through simple colorful rhymes, ABC songs, singalong videos and more
Alphabet rhymes, ABC songs and more for kids learning
Made-for-TV family comedy show starring Summer Valentine
Active, engaging and intelligent children's television