Roku Apps

Roku apps differ from channels in that they perform specific tasks instead of, or in addition to, delivering streaming media. Roku apps can do things like display calendars, turn your Roku into an electronic signboard, offer DVR services, and stream webcam images.

Aerial HD videos used for Apple TV screensaver
Cast personal media from your Android mobile device to your Roku
Turn your Roku-connected television into a themed nightlight
Ambient videos with soothing scenes like rain, waterfalls, wind, waves, and fireplaces ($)
Old time radio historical broadcasts, westerns, and biographies
Curating the internet's best free shows into 24/7 channels, with content from History Channel, Food Network, WWE, Lifetime, and more
Fun and interesting facts about many things you probably don't care about
A poor-quality 30-second video that directs users to a website for torrent downloads of recently-released films
Current-era audiobooks in 14 genres, including Romance, Horror, Science Fiction, and more
Manually-activated screensaver displays landscape photos featuring scenic barns and cabins
Scary and disturbing "true" stories from the Internet
Episodes of "Fix My Brand With Ali Craig," a show in which Craig helps entrepreneurs with branding
An app that renders web pages into static images for viewing through your Roku device ($)
View websites and perform Google searches on your Roku ($)
Display your Google Calendar in monthly and event list formats
View images from webcams around the U.S.
A single 32-second promotional video
An app that displays the current date and time along with reminders set to display at specific times or intervals
Christmas book read-alongs with artwork and enthralling storytelling
Display abstract images of repeating patters (not fractals) while your Roku is idle