Roku Apps

Roku apps differ from channels in that they perform specific tasks instead of, or in addition to, delivering streaming media. Roku apps can do things like display calendars, turn your Roku into an electronic signboard, offer DVR services, and stream webcam images.

Real-time charts for Bitcoin, Etherum, Ripple, Cardano and other crypto currencies ($)
Discussion and analysis of tech news in an entertaining and balanced way that is easy to understand
Examinations of some of the world's most famous paintings and the history behind them
Programs that entertain, inform, and promote Jesus-honoring values ($)
Meal, culinary ideas, and chain food vs. homemade from Nicko's Kitchen
Live broadcast streams from a variety of cable channels
An in-depth look at innovative solutions, ideas, and technologies developed to promote the health of our planet and its inhabitants
Documentaries about extreme jobs
The latest innovations in tech, entertainment, and business
Monuments from the Czech Republic
Ambience videos of fireplaces, campfires, bonfires, coals, and burning embers ($)
Fashion, travel/adventure, documentary, and lifestyle videos
A portal to over two dozen Roku channels in a variety of categories
The leading provider for eSports and gamer news around the globe
Stream media from your smart phone or tablet to any Roku device on the same WiFi network
A companion app that allows Halogen Player users to cast videos from their Android device to their Roku
Watch a haunted house through your window
Background video for Halloween parties
Spooky overnight and 3AM challenges intended to scare you
Stream video or jpeg images from an IP camera to your Roku device on the same network