Fireplace Master Collection - Fire Video Screensaver

Fireplace Master Collection - Fire Video Screensaver has 20 videos of fires, but they aren't limited to traditional fireplaces. As the following list shows, you can also watch fires in stoves, campfires, and bonfires, along with coals and burning embers:

  • Simple Fireplace
  • Vintage Fireplace
  • Magical Fire
  • Sweet Home Fireplace
  • Bonfire Evenings
  • Meditative Campfire
  • Wild Ambience
  • Relaxing Campfire in the Forest
  • Warm Glow
  • Cozy Ambience
  • Soothing Coals
  • Romantic Red Charcoals
  • Quiet Flames
  • Sleepful
  • Young Love
  • Winter Stories
  • Alone Nights
  • Vintage Stove Fire
  • Deep Thoughts
  • Burning Thoughts

Contrary to this app's name and its description in the Roku channel store, it is not a screensaver. These are ambience videos and streaming must be started from within the app like any other Roku channel/app. Although this app will be listed as a screensaver on your Roku device, the "screensaver" only launches its channel store page, from which you must select "Go to channel" and then start streaming.

-- Information is current as of November 11, 2022

CHANNEL STORE DESCRIPTION: Feel the magic of different fireplaces on your screen with incredibly good music and exceptional high quality sound. Fireplace Master Collection contains thirty one different fireplace videos along with charming music and natural fire crackling sound in HD(1080p) and UHD(4k).

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