Roku Apps

Roku apps differ from channels in that they perform specific tasks instead of, or in addition to, delivering streaming media. Roku apps can do things like display calendars, turn your Roku into an electronic signboard, offer DVR services, and stream webcam images.

Helpful tutorials, homemade clips of pets, entertainment videos for pets and interesting facts about animals
DIY hacks and experiments
Mysterious and unexplained phenomena
Showcasing world record holders, amazing stunts, and humans doing extraordinary things
Translate to and from Spanish - just type in a word and you will hear it pronounced back to you ($)
Use your tablet or phone to beam videos, photos, and music to your TV
Zelda gameplay videos
Turn your Roku-connected television into an electronic billboard
Real aquarium featuring an exotic, diverse array of beautiful fish ($)
Streaming video of a beach scene ($)
Watch a roaring fire and listen to crackling wood ($)
Tranquil waterfall accompanied by ambient jungle sounds ($)
Watch your favorite webcams on your Roku-connected TV
Watch a WebCam with your Roku!
Video/Image RSS reader
Five videos, totaling over six hours in length, featuring beautiful scenery and wildlife with soothing music
Access your Y-Cam HomeMonitor wireless camera video stream
Display images of grilled and barbequed food while your Roku is idle