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WebCam Plus

WebCam Plus Quick Look: As with the free WebCam One app, WebCam Plus lets you view webcams that stream images in JPEG format and are accessible through a web interface. There is still no support for live video, but the Plus version does add a Web interface for entering cam addresses. Also, up to 64 cams are stored and are accessible through the Roku app, so there is no more retyping every time you wish to switch between cams.

The app includes several preloaded webcams, but you can add your own by logging into the app's Web interface at and selecting the "add camera" option. You will need to enter a name of your choosing, the address of the webcam image, and the number of seconds between image reloads.

One source for finding webcams is To get the address of a cam, click on that cam's link, right-click on the image, then select View Image. The URL in the address bar should end with .jpg. Copy that entire URL into the address field on the WebCam Plus web interface.

-- Information is current as of August 9, 2012

Developer's Channel Description: Watch your favorite webcams on this channel. With a web interface to add channels, it is much easier than WebCam-One. Also, it allows you to keep a list of up to 64 webcams.

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DEVELOPER: Yungblood Enterprises

FEES: $1.99 one-time purchase

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