Roku Screensavers

These Roku themes let you customize the background on your Roku's home screen.

Turn your Roku's home screen into a hockey rink
Have snow much fun in Roku City! How many wintery surprises will you uncover on your icy adventure?
Cozy-up with a hot cup of cocoa and watch the northern lights from your Roku World cabin hideaway
Display an Autumn-themed background on your Roku home screen
Dress up your Roku's home screen in corporate-casual style with an argyle background
Set your Roku background to show a summer scene complete with a pink flamingo, hot air balloons, sailboats, and more
Bring a breath of fresh spring air to your Home screen with this bright, beautiful flower wallpaper
Change the background of your Roku menu screens to show a lakeside Springtime setting
Change the background of your Roku menu screens to an American Western-themed scene
Surround yourself in lush greenery with this jungle inspired wallpaper
Explore the depths of the great blue with this nautical inspired wallpaper complete with a giant squid
Launch this space wallpaper that's out of this world
Set the background of your Roku menu screens to show Fall-colored trees under a city skyline
A Roku wallpaper displaying a bayside city skyline at night with surprise animations
Display trigonometric and algebraic equations, graphs, and diagrams on your Roku's home screen and menu background
Change your Roku's home screen background to a graphic image of a family flying a kite
Dress up your TV for autumn with a beautiful fall landscape
Display a mist-colored forest under a full moon as your Roku's background
Enjoy Americana with this timeless red, white, and blue theme
A Roku background inspired by Disney & Pixar’s Soul, streaming on Disney+