Roku Screensavers

These Roku themes let you customize the background on your Roku's home screen.

Display an argyle pattern on your Roku home screen
Change your Roku's home screen background to display images from the popular BBC television series
It will always be island time on your Roku with this custom background. Don't worry, be happy…
Change your Roku's home screen background to this Belvedere Red theme and help fight AIDS/HIV in Africa ($)
Embrace your inner artist with this painting inspired theme and screensaver ($)
Change your Roku's home screen background to show beer-filled glasses ($)
A Roku background inspired by Disney & Pixar’s Soul, streaming on Disney+
Change your Roku's graphical background ($)
Change the backdrop on your Roku home screen to a basketball theme ($)
Dress up your TV for autumn with a beautiful fall landscape
Customize your Roku player with images from the Fast & Furious movie franchise.
Transform your Roku background into a scene from the deep blue sea
Purr-fect your Roku background with America's favorite cat, Garfield.
Tailor your Roku background so you always feel like you are out on the course
A seasonal theme that displays an ad for an allergy medication as the background for your Roku's home screen
Share your love of the game with a screen of ice
Sabotage your Roku background with Frank and Claire Underwood with this theme from Netflix
A graphical background for your Roku home screen featuring jungle animals at night ($)
A cute collection of kittens takes over your Roku background. Includes companion screen saver
Change your Roku's home screen background to a graphic image of a family flying a kite