Roku Personal Media Channels

Stream your personal videos, music, and photos to your Roku with these personal media apps.

Stream all your music, photos and videos stored on your Android phone or tablet, in cloud storage, or from online channels directly to your Roku device
Cast photos, videos, and music from you Android device to your Roku
Stream your Dropbox pictures and videos through your Roku device
Plays music, videos, slideshows and integrates iTunes and iPhoto files from your local network
Plays music, videos, slideshows from your local network
Cast videos, photos, or music from your PC to your Roku (requires purchase of PowerDVD software)
Watch films and videos stored on your Synology NAS server
Create high quality multimedia slideshows by placing your media files into folders on your streaming source device
Share photos and videos with friends and family
A companion channel to the currently non-existent SanDisk ibi disk drive
Send videos, photos, music and podcasts from your Android device to your Roku
Browse, control and play all your local movies, TV and music
Unites your movies, music, television and more in one interface
Stream videos from your MediaFire account to your Roku TV or Roku device
Stream content from any connected device through your Roku
Stream personal media files from your computer to your Roku with the Mezzmo media server
Cast video and audio from your Mac to a Roku device
Play movies, music and photos from a USB flash drive
Stream videos, photos, and music from your computer to your Roku-connected TV
Watch videos rented through the InteliVideo service