FotovireeQuick Look: Fotovire allows you to share photos & videos with friends and family if they have an Internet-connected TV. If they don’t have a smartTV, they can still enjoy the shared pictures from their computer by going to the Fotovire website.

Fotovire supports both Chromecast and Roku. The pictures are shared using links to pictures and videos that you've uploaded to Picasa Web Albums or Google+, so no extra storage is required to allow you to share pictures through this app. Photos and videos are currently only being supported if they are available in Google+. Photos and videos stored on your PC, tablet, phone, or any cloud-based storage other than Picasa or Google+ can not be viewed. However, there are future plans to incorporate those platforms.

Activation is very easy: Simply click on this link and sign up with your Google+ account. Add the activation code displayed when you load the Fotovire channel on your Roku. Once your Roku is activated in your Fotovire account, simply click the check mark on each album or on each photos that wish to share. (The website indicates that you can drag and drop entire albums to share, but this was not working for me in my Chrome browser, and photos had to be individually selected.) Once you've selected all the photos you want to share, you will be asked who you want to share with. You can share with yourself, or other contacts. That's where things get a little more difficult

To share with someone, they must also be a Fotovire member. First, enter the e-mail address of the person you want to share with into the search box on the Fotovire website. If they are not a Fotovire member, you can have an invitation sent to them. After they've signed up for an account, you can select photos you wish to share with them and then add them to your share list for that group of photos. You select what you want to share with each recipient or group of recipients - selecting a photo for sharing does not automatically make it available to everyone.

This is a good photo sharing app for anyone who wants to share photo in their Google Albums through Roku, as long as you can get your friends or family to sign up for a free Fotovire account. There are a few little quirks, but for a first-generation Roku app, this one does a nice job.

-- Information is current as of October 17, 2014

Developer's Channel Description: Watch photos and videos shared by your friends and family on TV. Share your pictures at Watch the photos others have shared with you on Roku using this channel. Enjoy the pictures on big screen. .

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