Roku Personal Media Channels

Stream your personal videos, music, and photos to your Roku with these personal media apps.

In-studio video from several Chilean radio shows
Stream MP4 videos directly from your Dropbox account ($)
Plug in your USB drive to your Roku to play movies, music and photos on your TV
Stream videos from websites and home computer using an app on your Android tablet or smartphone
Stream your videos, music, photos and home movies to your Roku using your Plex Media Server
PowerDVD 16 Ultra users can stream movies, music, and photos from their PC to their Roku
Stream your platform:purple videos through your Roku
Stream videos, music and slideshows from a DLNA media server on your local QNAP-brand NAS
Upload your videos to the cloud and they're available for viewing on your Roku-connected TV
Stream videos, music, and photos from Dropbox, web server enabled devices, and USB thumbdrives
Stream directly from UPnP/DLNA, NAS, PC,USB devices, or any other web server enabled device connected directly to your Roku player
Play your personal videos and music and view photos on your USB-enabled Roku player
Access media files stored on your Seagate Central network access storage (NAS) device
Stream your personal media stored on a rented Xirvik server