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Quick Look: With the Xirvik Servers Roku app, subscribers to a Xirvik Servers plan can stream personal media, including music and videos, from their server to their Roku. As noted in the developer's description, the app is similar in function, if not features, to Plex. However, instead of storing your personal media on your home computer, you store it on a rented server and stream it from the "cloud".

The Roku interface is very simple and doesn't offer a lot of features, as you can see from the screenshots below. However, an advantage to an Internet-based media server is that it's easier to access your media from multiple locations without dealing with issues like setting up port-forwarding on your home router. Pricing for a Xirvik server starts at $17.95/month for unlimited traffic and 100 GB of storage. Other plans, included dedicated servers, are available.

-- Information is current as of November 30, 2017

Developer's Channel Description: This channel allows users to access their own media files that they store in a rented Xirvik server. Like Plex, it does not provide any content, i.e. all media is provided by the user itself.

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DEVELOPER: Xirvik Servers

FEES: None for the app, but users must subscribe to a server rental plan

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Xirvik Servers on Roku
Xirvik Servers on Roku
Xirvik Servers on Roku
Xirvik Servers on Roku