Top 5 Roku Screensavers

February 23, 2014 - 21:35 -- RokuGuide

Top 5 Roku ScreensaversIf you're tired of seeing the same old Roku logo bounce across your TV screen every time your Roku player is idle, then it's time for you to install a new screensaver from the channel store. But which to choose?

There are currently nearly 3 dozen screensavers available in the Screensavers & Apps category of the Roku channel store. To start your hunt for your perfect screensaver, you may want to begin the five most popular screensavers as currently ranked by Roku, Inc. (free versions of paid apps are not included):

  • Top 5 Roku ScreensaversCLOC - The most popular Roku screensaver is also the one that I use on my bedroom Roku. It's set to display the current time and local weather conditions so all I have to do is turn on the TV to get a quick look at the current temperature before getting out of bed in the morning. Nothing fancy about the graphics - just an old-school LED clock-style display - but you can configure the color, movement, and the weather data that's shown. [More Info]
  • Top 5 Roku ScreensaversPicasa Web Albums Screensaver - If you use Google's Picasa Web Albums (now called Google+ Photos) for online photo sharing, this screensaver will let you display your own photos while your Roku player is idle. If your own photos aren't worth displaying, then you can select the Featured Photos option to view photos from other Picasa Web Albums users. [More Info]
  • Top 5 Roku ScreensaversFloating Circles - This simple screensaver displays overlapping transparent pastel-colored circles moving about your screen. [More Info]
  • Top 5 Roku ScreensaversA Diff Flip Clock - Those of us who were around before LED and LCD display will remember mechanical flip clocks, with the click of a tile being dropped every minute. This screensaver recreates that effect - nothing more, nothing less. [More Info]
  • Top 5 Roku ScreensaversAquarium Screensaver - My favorite screensaver. Beautiful images, lots of color, and enough action to keep things interesting without being distracted. All this plus time and temperature - and you can add more themes with additional fish and an artistic graphic style! [More Info]

If none of the Top 5 Screensavers interest you, there are many more available. You can display scenes from space, puppies or kittens, scenic photos - even Shakespearean quotes. There are also some highly rates apps, such as FisHi and VAPE, that are similar to screensavers, but they must be manually launched.

On top of all that, several channels not listed specifically as screensavers also offer a screensaver option. When you install the Facebook Photos channel, for example, you can activate a Facebook screensaver from your Roku settings menu. This screensaver lets you view your Facebook photos, those from your feed, or those of friends.

Another of my favorites is the screensaver included with Weather4us, which is currently the most-popular Roku app overall. This screensaver will display over two dozen National Weather Service graphics, including national radar, satellite image, weather map, precipitation forecast, and current sky cover, as well as your local 7-day forecast and current weather conditions.

As a final note, be aware that screensavers do not work like regular channels and they won't appear in My Channels after you've installed them. They must be activated from the Settings menu. See this article for more details on setting up a screensaver on your Roku.