Q&A: How to Activate Roku Screensavers

July 15, 2012 - 17:07 -- RokuGuide

Q: I bought the Onion Headline Screensaver through the Channel Store. It doesn't display. I just get the Roku bouncing cursor. It's only $.99 but I still think I should get something for my money. -Ed

A: The screensaver option has confused a number of RokuGuide.com readers. Ed's is the most common complaint, as many people assume that the screensaver should work as soon as it's been purchased. That's not the case, but the fix is very simple.

First, for those of you who aren't aware of it, there are several screensavers available besides the default bouncing Roku logo. Just go to the Screensavers & Apps category in the Roku Channel Store, or read through the descriptions in the Screensavers & Apps listing here on RokuGuide.com. Some are free, and others available for purchase. In addition, some channels, such as the Plus version of Weather4us, include a screensaver as part of the channel purchase.

After purchasing a screensaver, or selecting a free one, from the Channel Store, exit back to the Roku home screen and select Roku Player Settings (scroll all the way to the left of your channels to find it). Scroll down and select Screensaver from the menu. The first option in the screensaver menu is which screensaver you want to use. Use your remote to scroll left and right. You may find screensavers that you didn't know were available. For example, if you installed Facebook Photos & Videos, the Facebook screensaver should be available for selection. Likewise with the aforementioned Weather4us.

Depending on which screensaver you select, you may be able to set custom options. Picasa Web Albums Screensaver gives you the choice of displaying either your own photos or featured public photos from Picasa Web Albums. CLOC, which appears as "LED Time and Weather" in the menu, lets you set your zip code and which information to display.

Which screensavers do I use? I find myself changing screensavers on my two Rokus from time to time, but my favorites are the screensaver included with the Weather4us Plus version, Picasa Web Albums Screensaver set to display featured photos, and CLOC, showing my local time, temperature, humidity, and wind speed and direction.

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