Roku Comedy Channels

Roku comedy channels offer stand-up acts by today's hottest comedians, prank videos, humorous animated shorts, full-length comedy movies, and much more.

Light-hearted humor and laugh-out-loud satire for veterans of the U.S. Military ($)
Funny pet videos featuring Aaron and his cats and dogs
Abbott and Costello movies, TV shows, trailers, and clips
YouTube vlogger features street interviews, pranks, and social experiments
Funny videos featuring animals
Funny pet and animal home videos
Clips and funny videos from AFV
Challenge and prank videos from the popular YouTube creator
A collection of vintage comedy movies from the early days of motion pictures
Comedy sketches and shorts from up and coming indie comedians
A collection of car crashes and bmx bike fails
Vintage public domain animated shows
A look at the Indian culture at its quirkiest best
Couples pulling pranks on one another
Ten films the 1930s-60s starring the well-known singer and actor
21 short skits
Original comedy-based web series
All 28 films from the 1930s-50s based on the comic strip about Blondie and Dagwood Bumstead
Eight films from the 1930s - 60s starring Bob Hope
Test channel with miscellaneous videos