Your Independent TV Streamer Guide

Roku Comedy Channels

Roku comedy channels offer stand-up acts by today's hottest comedians, prank videos, humorous animated shorts, full-length comedy movies, and much more.

Comedy movies and TV including classic TV sitcoms, feel-good romantic comedy, fast-paced action-comedy and more
Pranks and dares from Freddy Fairhair
Creative challenges inspired by boredom
Political satire radio show
The worlds most watched prank call show is now on your TV.
Animated sitcom for adults featuring the misadventures of former New York mob boss Jimmy Falcone and his family
Animated videos
A hand-picked collection of the funny baby videos
Non-stop standup from some of the hottest comedians from the last 30 years
Short funny videos submitted by viewers
Creepy or funny? You decide
A compilation of prank videos
A handful of video about pranks and unrelated topics
Compilations of Vine and TikTok videos
Funny commercials and "As Seen On TV" product testing
A collection of funny clips from Family Feud hosted by Steve Harvey
Free comedy films
Life hacks, challenges, dares, experiments, taste tests, DIYs, and more
Ethnic comedy skits
Talk shows and podcasts featuring "citizen Panels" and call-in conversations