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Quick Look: GABNet is short for the Great American Broadcast Network, which features a live stream as well as on-demand content from the following hosts:

  • Alex Bennett's Ramble - A round table discussion about things that matter to him with a "Citizen Panel"
  • Revelstoke Jim's Canadian Content - An interactive call in podcast with varying content; Monday- Storytelling, Wednesday- An adventure show, Fridays- Free flowing conversation with listeners via Skype
  • Getting Geeky with Miranda Janell - A self proclaimed Geek-Girl speaks her mind about what she is passionate about; Star Wars, Comic Books, Legos, and wants to hear what makes her listeners "fly their Geek Flag"
  • The Exchange with Damion Chaplin - A citizen panel where current events are discussed
  • Alex Bennett's Life in the Passing Lane - Join host Alex Bennett as he recounts tales from his past
  • Michael Snyder's Culture Blast - Reviews of Pop Culture events (movies, television, and music)

There is also a live feed featuring all of the above podcasters, which air Monday - Friday 9:30pm - 1:30am Eastern. A schedule of show times can be found on the GABNet website.

-- Information is current as of August 17, 2015

Developer's Channel Description: Talk like you've never heard it before featuring the "Citizen Panels" group discussion

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