Your Independent TV Streamer Guide

Roku Comedy Channels

Roku comedy channels offer stand-up acts by today's hottest comedians, prank videos, humorous animated shorts, full-length comedy movies, and much more.

Vintage public domain movies and television
Compilations of funny and viral videos
Original short comedies and miniseries
Your favorite Comedy Central moments uncut and uncensored
Comedy routines and clips from some of the biggest names in the business
Original independent comedy series and the Beverly Hillbillies
Ten short stand-up comedy routines from various comedians
Live stream standup comedy videos from top comedians
Subscription-based comedy videos
Stand-up comedians and funny videos
Independent shows and podcasts, led by the flagship program "The Anthony Cumia Show" ($)
Stop-action Barbie doll videos about dating and relationships
Celebrating 50 years of humor with satirical and humorous videos
Spanish-language channel about humor, atheism, skepticism, scientific and debate
A comedy channel with over-the-top sketches, parodies, music videos, celebrity impersonations, mock auditions and more
A library of songs from the "Dr. Demento" show
Comedic musings from "Momic" Diana Lestat
Scare-tactic pranks featuring "insane killer clowns," social experiments, and more
A hand-picked collection of dog viral video clips
Short amateur video clips of dogs being walked by their owners