Crazy Fails

Quick Look: Crazy Fails takes a look at the funnier side of failures. The channel is loaded with "Fail" compilation videos found on YouTube. There are three main video categories available: Life Fails, Pet Fails, and Sports Fails. All contain cringe-worthy fails that you can't look away from. Content ranges from pets getting their heads stuck in everything imaginable to embarrassing early celebrations. The channel is safe for all ages.

Below is a sample of the type of videos found on this channel.

-- Information is current as of May 28, 2021

Developer's Channel Description: Everything from a simple fall, to million-dollar accidents, Crazy Fails has the ultimate collection of fail videos you need to see. The most epic fails around, all for free. Download Crazy Fails and start watching for free now!

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DEVELOPER: Bitabeats Media Ltd Corp.

FEES: None