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Quick Look: Comedy Shows features videos from the standalone Roku channels Tokens and Sublets and a YouTube channel called Justice Woman, plus 19 random episodes from The Beverly Hillbillies.

  • Tokens: "Sammie (Connie Wang, “Second Jen”), an aspiring Asian actress, tired of stereotypical roles, joins On Call Casting and gets an assignment with unusual challenges. Along the way she meets DeMar (Ryan Allen, “21 Thunder”) who has to rethink his dream and some harried production staff, trying to make it work. TOKENS is a tongue-in-cheek comedy about the actors who find themselves randomly sent to productions desperate to hit their diversity quotas."
  • Sublets: "Will and Tess are stuck in post-collegiate purgatory. This co-dependent duo is struggling to pay bills, stay focused, and find fulfillment while navigating life in New York City. On top of this, their lives get even more complicated when their longtime roommate deserts them unexpectedly. With no other choices available, they must find a sublet to fill the empty room, and quick. Rent is due! Every time each new potential tenant arrives, they bring out the flaws of this neurotic but lovable pair."
  • Justice Woman: "A comedy-drama series that follows the story of Sofia Escala, an Assistant District Attorney determined to fight injustice within the legal system, and the fiasco that she and her office mate Robert Gallion get into as a result."

-- Information is current as of July 3, 2019

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