Roku Comedy Channels

Roku comedy channels offer stand-up acts by today's hottest comedians, prank videos, humorous animated shorts, full-length comedy movies, and much more.

A 1954 series about a pert blond teenager who must balance her life at school, her lovable but goofy boyfriend Dexter, and her well-meaning but clueless parents
Anything from GIF, photo memes, and emoji to video and animated stories
Workplace mishaps, ingenious hacks, and everyday fails
Skits from Nicholas "Merch" McCullom
Episodes of animated series from MondoMedia
VFX videos and gamer comedy
Funny animal videos
Comedy specials, livestreams, and festival coverage - from big name acts to the stars of tomorrow ($)
Comedy specials, from big name acts to the stars of tomorrow ($)
Acclaimed stand-up comic Nigel Ng, aka Uncle Roger, will have you laughing out loud
Satirical news storeis from North Korea
Pranks, home videos, hidden cameras, animated shows and more
Humorous spoofs and parodies showing your favorite video characters doing something other than what you're used to seeing them do
Shows and podcasts
Elderly people fails and doing funny things
Vintage public domain comedy films
All about making funny videos and having a good time
Videos from the Onision, UhOhBro, and OnisionSpeaks YouTube channels
Episodes of the 1950s sitcom about a high-school English teacher
Hilarious sketches, parodies, funny music videos, celebrity impersonations, mock auditions and more