Old-school comedy films

Quick Look: Don't be fooled by the modern looking thumbnail photos or the "2016" date on every video title: Old-school comedy films is just that, a collection of vintage public domain comedies. Browsing the channel is difficult, as there are 100 videos all dumped into a single row. Instead of the original movie cover artwork used by almost every other Roku channel, this channel uses seemingly random photos and screenshots - the 1950 film "Three Husbands," for example, uses a modern-day stock photo of a man and three women, while the 1939 film "Gorilla" uses a frame from a PBS show "Koko The Gorilla Who Talks" (the PBS logo is even included). And there are no movie synopses.

If you're looking for vintage films, Roku has many other channels that are much easier to use; just use our search box on any page of this website to search for "vintage movies" or "public domain."

-- Information is current as of June 20, 2018

Developer's Channel Description:Here comes your binge of good-old comedy movies and – who knows – chances are you’ll gonna laugh your head off! The best old-school comedy films channel will take you back in time, to the age of silent movies and the film-making masterpieces.

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