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DS videoQuick Look: Network-attached storage (NAS) is data storage that is connected to a computer network. Owners of a Synology DiskStation branded NAS can use the DS video Roku channel to stream videos from their NAS to their Roku-connected TV.

The following additional information is provided by Synology:

With DS video for Roku you can:

  • Browse and play your video contents stored on your DiskStation
  • Search videos by keywords
  • Add videos and movies to your collections, “Favourites and “Watchlist” (system collections only)
  • Stream Live TV (with a DTV dongle plugged in on a DiskStation capable of type 1 transcoding)
  • Select available subtitles (.srt files, embedded on mkv files) and embedded audio tracks
  • All feature available with Video Station 1.2 and onwards

Known limitations:

  • the TV recording library is only available for DiskStations capable of type 1 transcoding
  • managing the TV recording schedule/program guide as well as user-defined collections is not available on DS video for Roku
  • subtitles, file/folder names and movies information will be correctly displayed in the 3 following languages supported by Roku: English, German, Spanish
  • certain .mp4, .m4v and .mov files may not play if the first audio track is 5.1 AAC (surround sound videos)
  • transcoding is only available after upgrading to Video Station 1.2 on the DiskStation

-- Information is current as of July 26, 2013

Developer's Channel Description: DS video is the ideal channel to watch films and videos stored on your Synology NAS server: it organizes your collection by types of videos (Movies, TV shows...) and movie information is downloaded automatically.

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