Juice Quick Look: This is a very impressive app. I added the free channel from the Roku Channel Store, purchased the app from Google Play, turned on the WiFi on my Droid Razr Maxx, and I was instantly watching videos and looking at photos that I had taken with my phone, and then listening to my music collection through my stereo system that is connected to one of my Rokus. All through an amazingly simple process.

And that is exactly what the Juice app is supposed to do: stream media from your Android device directly to your Roku. Juice will also stream Podcasts and other media feeds from the Internet through your Android device to your Roku.

Here is a full list of Juice functions and benefits, borrowed from the website of the developer, Jigawatt Labs:

  • Send photos, music, videos from your Android device
  • Send media from the internet to the Roku using the Share functionality or audio and video podcasts (feeds)
  • Send individual photos or send a complete slide show
  • Send individual songs or whole albums to the Roku. Songs can be shuffled.
  • Background Juice service will continue to serve files to the Roku while you use other Android apps
  • Use the “Share” menu from the gallery, browser and other supported apps to send media to the Roku without having to launch the Juice app
  • No need for a home media server
  • No need for cables
  • No need to upload your files to a web server
  • Fully functional remote control included with the same functionality as the Roku Remote app (sold separately)

There are some limitations, such as your Android device and your Roku being on the same network (no, you can't record a video in New York and send it to your Roku in California for your family or friends there to watch), and videos must be in MP4 format. And all of you that are clamoring for YouTube on Roku can forget about using Juice to satisfy your YouTube cravings, as YouTube and Flash videos are not supported.

I did run into a hiccup using the Juice app when it stopped recognizing either of the Rokus on my network. All I had to do, though, was go to my Roku settings and find the IP address and manually enter it into the Juice app. After that, I had not problems at all.

I highly recommend this app to anyone who takes a lot of photos and videos on their Android device and wants to view them on a large screen. But download the free Juice demo app first to make sure it runs on your device. If it does, then $2.99 is a small price to pay for what Juice delivers.

-- Information is current as of July 14, 2012

Developer's Channel Description: If you have an Android device, you need the Juice for Roku channel and app. Send videos, photos, music and podcasts on your Android device to your Roku. Requires the Juice for Roku app, available in Android app stores. A free DEMO version of Juice for Roku is available.

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FEES: Roku channel and demo app are free. Full Juice app for your Android device is $2.99 from Google Play (formerly Android Market).

Juice for Roku Website
Juice Android App in Google Play
Demo Version of Juice Android App in Google Play