Your Independent TV Streamer Guide

Roku Screensavers

These Roku themes let you customize the background on your Roku's home screen.

A graphical background for your Roku home screen featuring jungle animals at night ($)
A cute collection of kittens takes over your Roku background. Includes companion screen saver
Transfigure your Roku background with this elegantly designed theme
Display images of Marilyn Monroe on your Roku's home screen background ($)
Change your Roku background, and your mindset, with beautiful images from nature
Display a panda image for your Roku home screen's background ($)
Dress up your Roku in this dark, mysterious background theme from Showtime's psychological thriller Penny Dreadful
Change your Roku home screen background to show pets at play ($)
Catch the perfect wave every time on your Roku background with this surfing theme.
Channel your inner royal flush with this Roku theme
Puppies take over your Roku background with this playful theme and companion screen saver
Turn your Roku into an Intergalactic space station with this Space inspired wallpaper and screensaver
Channel your inner kingpin by saying hello to this little Roku theme with companion screensaver
Unleash the fury of Sharknado in your Roku background with this terrorizing theme
A graphical theme for your Roku ($)
Change the background of your Roku home screen and menus to show red, white, and blue fireworks
Roku theme sponsored by Claritin
Transform your Roku background with scenery from Star Trek: The Next Generation; includes companion screen saver
Boldly go where no Roku has gone before and transform your Roku background with scenery from Star Trek and a companion screen saver
Enjoy Americana with this timeless red, white, and blue theme