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Translate Spanish

Quick Look: Translate Spanish lets you type in an English or Spanish word and it will be translated from one into the other. The app pronounces the word as well as displays it. The screenshot below shows an example of this app - the word typed in is "feliz" pronounced "fay-lease" in Spanish and translated into English as "Happy".

This app will only translate single words, not phrases, so if you are looking for conversational options this will not work for you. You will also find it cumbersome to type words using your Roku remote, so you're better off using the Roku app for your smartphone - in which case, you could just use Google Translate or a similar online service instead of your Roku.

-- Information is current as of June 29, 2021

Developer's Channel Description: The first and only translator app for Roku! Translate to and from Spanish - just type in a word and you will hear it pronounced back to you. Excellent app for students, teachers and anyone interested in learning Spanish. A handy reference and translation tool.

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DEVELOPER: Contraband Interactive

FEES: $0.99 one-time purchase