Roku Apps

Roku apps differ from channels in that they perform specific tasks instead of, or in addition to, delivering streaming media. Roku apps can do things like display calendars, turn your Roku into an electronic signboard, offer DVR services, and stream webcam images.

Turn your Roku into a fully functional poker tournament timer
Interactive app for pro football stats
Create your own digital signboard for home, office, or business ($)
Create an electronic signboard for display on a Roku-connected TV ($)
Create your own digital signboard for home, office, or business
Ambient videos featuring rain and thunderstorms
Protect investments and grow your portfolio with exclusive insights from top financial experts ($)
Professional wrestling entertainment ($)
Independent films from Fun Size Horror
Use your Roku to display and work with your Trello boards
Turn your HD TV into a multimedia information center
Monitor your live Roku Smart Home camera or doorbell feed on your Roku TV or Player
View your favorite photos on your TV and share your photo streams with other Roku users
Pranks, dares and exploration of abandoned and haunted buildings
A lifestyle vlog with beauty, lifestyle and fashion tips from a popular YouTuber
Mirror the desktop, secondary display, or any specific app of your Mac to your Roku devices
Display a slideshow of Instagram photos by user or hashtag ($)
John Krasinski shares good news and interviews celebs
Testimonials and promotional videos for video ad serving platform
Stream your music library and videos to your Roku from your PC, Mac or Linux system