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Pappu Pakia

Quick Look: Pappu Pakia is a game where the object is to fly your character through a maze of obstacles using the up arrow on your Roku remote. Hold the UP arrow to keep your character in flight, being careful not to fly too high and hit the ceiling, which will end the game. Letting off the UP arrow will allow your character to descend, but don't let it touch the ground or the game is over. Making contact with any of the obstacles will also end the game. As the game progresses there are added obstacles that are periodically launched in your direction which you must avoid at all cost.

Similar Roku games include Birdie, Flying Fish, and Little Flapper.

-- Information is current as of January 8, 2020

Roku Channel Store Description: You are pappu in the game, a little character. You need to press UP to levitate or else pappu will descend. If he hits the top or bottom boundaries that will end the game. Have fun!

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DEVELOPER: Artem Isaiev

FEES: None