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Quick Look: A Kids Co - Empowered Learning offers kids a strong foundation for empowered learning with career and life skills, and teaches them how to nurture their mental health. The channel provides a collection of educational videos to help you kids get and stay on the right track to success. Videos cover subjects such as mental health, emotions, racism, empowerment, passions and mindfulness to to assist them in deciding on a healthy and prosperous track to insure their success.

Videos can be found in the following categories:

  • Discover - Mental Health(15), Empowerment (21), Careers (13), Emotions (16)
  • Books, Ages 5+ -Racism (6), Depression (6), Feminism (6), Belonging (6)
  • Classes, Ages 10+ - Embracing Courage (14), Being an Architect (17), Living with Authenticity (15), Being a Musician (21), Discovering Your passion (17), Mental Health (11), Entrepreneur (19)
  • Favorite Class Chapters - 15 options including Designing Solutions, Learn to Sing, Authenticity, Strength, Life Takeaways, Courage, and Vocabulary, plus several more
  • A Kids Book About Feminism - 24 videos available
  • Podcasts (All Ages) - A Kids Book About (35), Everyday Feels (10), Is That True (10), The Activators( 8), 1 point 5 (5), Camp Adventure (12), Worth Noting (10)
  • Mindfulness, Ages 7+ - Foundations (4), Fundamentals (2), Situational (2), Emotions (2), Big picture (20), Affirmations (2), Visualizations (2), Intention Setting and Intuition (2)

-- Information is current as of January 6, 2022

Developer's Channel Description: A Kids Co is a premium streaming app that brings everything you love from A Kids Company About together in one place. EMPOWERED LEARNING A Kids Co. app gives kids a strong foundation for empowered learning with career and life skills, and how to nurture their mental health. A KIDS BOOK ABOUT Join our authors and go deeper on some of our best selling books like A Kids Book About Racism and A Kids Book About Feminism with exclusive content like author-led read-alongs and actionable takeaways. A KIDS CLASS ABOUT Our Classes are an immersive learning experience featuring a variety of topics, offering career insights on what it’s like to be an Architect, Musician, or Entrepreneur, and building life skills like Authenticity and Passion. A KIDS MINDFUL MOMENT A series of streamable guided meditations, these streamable videos are designed to help kids manage each day's rhythms and transitions. A KIDS PODCAST ABOUT A network of podcast shows for kids hosted by people from all backgrounds and identities who draw listeners into all kinds of complex topics like climate justice, mental health and emotions. A KIDS LIVE EVENT A streaming destination for live events, gathering the community together for special programing like kid-led discussions, author Q&A's and topical community roundtables.

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DEVELOPER: A Kids Book About, Inc.

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