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Kids & Family

Roku Channel List

AdventureToFitness - The nation's #1 educational fitness program for kids; videos get kids exercising, learning and laughing
Always Summer TV - Made-for-TV family comedy show starring Summer Valentine
Amateur Kitchen - Recipes for food and drinks, making meals healthier, and cooking with the kids
Ameba - Active, engaging and intelligent children's television
Angry Birds Toons - Follow the Angry Birds in their animated adventures - with no help from you
Autism Live - Episodes and highlights from the webcast for parents, teachers and practitioners working with children on the Autism Spectrum
BabyFirstTV - The leading TV channel made for babies, toddlers, and their parents
Bazillions TV - Animated music videos and live performances by the band
BrainyBuzz - Courses of instruction in several different topics
Cartoon Club - Episodes of more than a dozen cartoon series from the 1930s through the 1960s
Cat Box TV - When your cat is home alone, this channel will keep him or her company with fish, birds, other cats and wildlife
CAT TV - Short cat videos
Christ Clubhouse Channel - Children's entertainment and educational content from a Christian perspective
Classic Cartoons - Short cartoon episodes from the early days of animation
Clutch Cargo - Animated adventurer Clutch Cargo and his pals Spinner and Paddlefoot
CraftSmart - New, interesting and easy to follow craft ideas for all ages
Disney - Movie trailers, music videos, and clips from Disney shows
Disney Junior - Enjoy many of your favorite Disney Junior shows live or on demand
Disney XD - Enjoy many of your favorite Disney XD shows live or on demand
Edewcate - Nursery rhymes plus math, science and education lessons for grades K-10
Family Fun by blinkx - Expert advice for parents and entertaining videos for children
Family TV - TV shows and movies for the whole family to enjoy
FFTV - Livestream broadcast of classic TV shows, syndicated programs, religious programming, and infomercials
GandK KidPaint - A fun drawing program for kids with lines, shapes and stamps
Global Kid - Episodes of Bloodhounds, Inc. and Bassmasters, and promotional videos


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