Omni Shot Arena Free

Omni Shot Arena Free is a somewhat-clunky single-shooter arcade game for young children. The game consists of a cannon in the middle of the screen with asteroids and space creatures heading directly toward it from varying directions. The objective is to shoot as many of them as possible within the allotted time 20 or 30 seconds depending on the level). If you get hit, you lose a life - loose all five lives and the game ends. The cannon can be rotated, with each press of the left or right arrow on your remote resulting in the cannon rotating one-eight of a complete circle. The OK button is used to fire.

-- Information is current as of June 21, 2024

CHANNEL STORE DESCRIPTION: Defend the central cannon against swarms of enemies from all sides using precise aiming and quick reflexes. Survive waves of foes, collect scores, and prove your skills in this adrenaline-fueled arcade challenge.

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DEVELOPER: Tudip Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

FEES: None