Your Independent TV Streamer Guide

Roku Educational Channels

Roku educational channels offer tutorial videos for students of all ages, content from education institutions, foreign language instruction, test prep, and information of interest to educators at all levels.

Videos from the Dallas County Community College District campus broadcasting channel
Free captioned and described educational content for the benefit of K-12 students who are blind or deaf
Scuba diving, fishing, boating and nature shows
Channel with no content other than a splash screen
Episodes of Dr. Sonjia TV, featuring topics about sex, relationships, and staying healthy between the sheets
Medical advice from seminars hosted by Dr. Fazil
Information on drones and other high-tech gear
Medical news, entertainment and medicine,as well as promoting healthy lifestyles and diets
Stories of schools that are dramatically improving the way students learn
Videos from leading EWI analysts about investment strategies and market trends based on the Elliott Wave Principle
Promotional videos for eMAM digital asset management software
The Pan African TV station for Entrepreneurs
A trailer for a 2016 DVD called "Entertaining an Angel"
Learn or improve your English vocabulary and grammer
A unique English learning channel ($)
Martial arts training videos
Dedicated to the art of auto repair and helping the do-it-yourselfer
Continuing education for clinicians
A monthly online video show analyzing the latest judicial opinions
Professional learning content for teachers and administrators