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Combat War Channel

Quick Look: Combat War Channel offers a large collection of videos covering wars and battles from the Civil War through the Gulf War, with content in the following categories:

  • General War - 20 Titles
  • Aviation - 13 Titles
  • Vietnam War - 6 Titles
  • Korean War - 6 Titles
  • WWII - 56 Titles
  • WWI - 9 Titles
  • American Civil War - 6 Titles

The videos come from various sources and include public domain and government-produced footage, educational and documentary films, and videos available commercially on DVD, like Great Battles of the Civil War: Volume 2, which is available on Amazon Prime Video. But don't be fooled by the thumbnails in the channel menu, or by the video dates listed there. The Civil War video refenced above has a release date of 2015 in the Roku channel, but that's the date that the DVD was released; according to IMDB, the video started life as a 1994 TV mini-series.

Another example is "On to the Yalu" with a 2017 release date and a thumbnail showing this as Season 1 of a "Total Combat Video Collection." In fact, this is a 1950 U.S. Air Force-produced film that is part of a series called "Air Force Story." The first minute of the video was deleted for the Roku channel to hide the opening credits, but it can be seen in its entirety below.

-- Information is current as of August 8, 2018

Developer's Channel Description: Valley Forge...Gettysburg...Wounded Knee...San Juan Hill...the Somme...Omaha Beach...Inchon...Saigon...Basra. Combat War Channel delivers the complete history of America and our allies at war as never before! Through in depth documentaries packed with powerful combat footage, faithful recreations and rare archival photography, Combat War Channel puts you in the center of some of world's greatest conflicts and battles, and let's you experience some of the most profound moments in the history of the American military as well as other nations. Head into action with soldiers, sailors, Marines, Medal of Honor winners, military geniuses, commanders who just got lucky and even a few traitors and cowards as Combat War Channel propels you to the front lines of history where all that mattered was blood, guts, valor and victory!

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DEVELOPER: Total Content Digital LLC

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