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Roku Educational Channels

Roku educational channels offer tutorial videos for students of all ages, content from education institutions, foreign language instruction, test prep, and information of interest to educators at all levels.

Italian language lessons
Japanese language instruction
Korean language instruction
Learn 32 languages through your Roku for a single monthly subscription
Chinese language lessons
English language lessons
French language lessons
This Roku channel offers French language lessons
Polish language instruction
Portuguese language instruction
Russian language instruction
Thai language lessons
Turkish language instruction
A series of Oxford-style debates, featuring two teams of experts arguing for and against the most important public policy issues facing America today
Instructions for FOREX and technical trading
A series of provocative debates on the most important issues of the day
Videos about civics, entrepreneurship, economics, and more
Student-run channel from University of South Alabama
Learn the basics of working with Java programming
News, information, and updates on type 1 diabetes