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Quick Look: 8th Grade English class was a long time ago for many of us, so Grammar Revolution TV acts as a little refresher course that we can all use. Grammar Revolution TV is hosted by Elizabeth O'Brien and consists of a series of grammar lessons to assist you in remembering those lessons from so long ago. The channel currently has 10 short grammar videos on the following subject matter:

  • Five Steps for Learning Grammar
  • Demystifying Grammar
  • The Adverb Question
  • What is a Preposition
  • Subject and Object Pronouns
  • Words and the Parts of Speech
  • Stuff Grammar Nazi's Never Say
  • What are Adjective Clauses
  • What is a CommaHelping Verb Songs

The videos are short, each lasting five minutes or less, and will be beneficial to all ages, even the parents.

A sample video from the Grammar Revolution YouTube Channel can be viewed below.

-- Information is current as of July 6, 2015

Developer's Channel Description: Learning grammar can be fun. I'll use sentence diagrams to show you how words work. Making sentence diagrams is like solving little puzzles. It's fun. I promise. Join us and revolutionize your grammar knowledge!

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DEVELOPER: Elizabeth O'Brien

FEES: None

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