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Host Your First Interview Show

Quick Look: Host Your First Interview Show contains 10 videos about setting up and producing your own personal interview show, typically referred to as a vlog or podcast. The videos discuss topics directly related to this process which include:

  • 6 - Recording Platforms and Lead Generation
  • 9 - Creating Video Interviews with Zoom
  • 18 - Speeding up your internet connection for Anchor
  • 19 - Syndicating to iTunes and Google Play
  • 21 - Conclusion - Posting to your site

Since the channel has only 10 videos, but the concluding video is #21, the entire series is obviously not available. We did not evaluate whether the videos are useful when less than half of the series is provided.

-- Information is current as of December 14, 2018

Roku Channel Store Description: This is a video course on how to setup and host your first interview show. This course shows you all all aspects and online applications that you can use to get you going as quickly as possible.

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