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Quick Look: Creativelive is a subscription-based educational service that provides access to a large library of classes taught by experts in their fields. There are more than 1,900 classes available in the following areas of interest:

  • Photo & Video - from Lighting to Portrait
  • Art & Design - from Illustration to Typography
  • Music & Audio - from Electronic to Rock & Metal
  • Craft & Maker - from Calligraphy to Scrapbooking
  • Money & Life - from Entrepreneurship to Podcasting

You can also select from learning paths such as "Become an Outdoor Photographer," "How to Become an Author," and "Launch Your Craft Business." Specific class titles include "Turn Your Etsy Shop into a Sales Machine," "Fundamentals of Photography," and "Mastering Metal Songwriting."

Full classes are locked, but you can watch introductory lessons and trailers for each class as well as browse the full library of video titles.

-- Information is current as of June 22, 2021

Developer's Channel Description: CreativeLive is the world’s largest and best online creative education platform, with more than 10 million students and 2 billion minutes of video consumed on its platform. CreativeLive classes are taught by the world’s top experts — Pulitzer, Grammy, and Oscar winners, New York Times bestselling authors, thought leaders and legendary entrepreneurs. Photographers, designers and artists teach skills and provide tips and tricks, creative ideas and inspiration in classes, tutorials, how to videos, interviews and courses.

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DEVELOPER: CreativeLive, Inc.

FEES: Currently $149.99/year or $14.99/month, although regular prices are shown as double those amounts, so prices may change.