Quick Look: Curious is an online learning channel offering professionally taught classes ranging in content from DIY jewelry to web programming for ecommerce, and everything in between. Curious is separated into ten different categories each hosting a wide variety of specialty classes that include:

  • Biz Courses - Power Point, Marketing, Accounting, Brand Building (69 Courses)
  • Brainy Courses- Geology of Volcanic Activity, Statistics 101, Electrical Engeneering (70 Courses)
  • Code Courses - HTML and CSS Training, Javascript, Wordpress (39 Courses)
  • Craft Courses - Selling Crafts for profit, Knitting, Watercolor, Origami Art (182 Courses)
  • Food Courses - Recipes and Kitchen basics, Proper food prep, Cocktail Mixology (56 courses)
  • Health Courses - CPR Training, Yoga, Pilates, Pole dancing (78 Courses)
  • Life Courses - Dog Training, Organic Gardening, Playing the Stock Market (143 Courses)
  • Music Courses - Guitar, Vocal Conditioning, Piano, Violin (71 Courses)
  • Photo Courses - Photoshop for beginners, DSLR Photography, GoPro (54 Courses)
  • Tech Courses - Excel, Microsoft Windows, PowerPoint, WordPress (99 Courses)

In addition to the subscription-based lessons there are free introductory videos available in each category in the CuriousTV Broadcasting Free 24/7 category. The subscription is $8.99/month with a free 7-day trial period. You can view the entire library of material with out registering for the channel.

-- Information is current as of August 27, 2015

Developer's Channel Description: Curious connects lifelong learners (like you!) with the world's best teachers. If you want to learn foreign languages, coding, music, DIY or crafts, we have over 17,000 lessons for you. Watch 10 channels of CuriousTV broadcasting free 24/7 or subscribe to get on demand access to the entire library, with lessons in: Craft, Food, Music, Tech, Code, Photo, Brainy, Health, Sports, and Life. Download the app and subscribe to Curious+ today for access to our entire library. You can try it out FREE for 7 days. We hope you’ll become addicted to the Curious-style of learning!

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FEES: 7-day free trial, then monthly subscription of $8.99

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