Roku Shopping Channels

These shopping channels include popular cable networks that let you shop for the latest goods from your Roku.

Online shopping for knives and outdoor accessories
Specializes in the sale of jewelry and other accessories
Features an online Roku mall with oodles of unique finds
Livestream all six QVC and HSN channels and catch up on missed shows with on-demand content that’s updated every day
Special buys on fashion, shoes & handbags, jewelry, and much more
Interviews and business profiles of several companies that are currently using this service
30-minute video showing cars available on the dealership's lot
Shop for jewelry, trendy new accessories, skincare products, home décor and more and purchase direct from your Roku
Infomercials for a variety of health, home, and beauty products
Online shopping, featuring items from your favorite TV shows and celebrities
A home shopping entertainment network featuring gorgeous jewelry such as rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and more
Walk the aisles of Acme, Rite-Aid, and Whole Foods
Shop for exciting and innovative products
Advertised as a shopping channel selling jewelry and herbal supplements; content did not match the channel store description
Shopping channel offering collectible coins and currency
A TV shopping channel that specializes in craft, hobby, and art projects
Fine art is auctioned on this ShopAVC show every Friday through Monday evening
Pearls and pearl jewelry for sale
A Canadian English-language cable television home shopping channel
On demand shopping channel specializing in handcrafted pottery