Quick Look: WineShop starts out as a live stream of educational videos about the production of wine, tours of vineyards, and the history of wine. You can change the format of the channel to on-demand by pushing the UP or BACK button on your Roku remote to bring up a library of videos in the following categories:

  • Wine Weirdos
  • Jordan Winery
  • Cellar Angles
  • The Winemakers Series

Once you are at the on-demand menu you can also click on the "Wine Events" tab to find out about upcoming events. The channel developer is looking for additional content, there is a tab titled Submit Your Video that provides information on how to do so.

-- Information is current as of October 5, 2016

Developer's Channel Description: Wine enthusiasts can now explore and enjoy the world of wine from the comfort of their living room. Live streaming wine programs from around the world, WineShop.TV offers education, entertainment and wine shopping opportunities 24 hours a day. Watch with a smartphone in hand for added connectivity

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