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The Pearl Channel

Quick Look: The Pearl Channel is a faith-based shopping channel that sells items in one product category: Freshwater Cultured Akoya pearls and pearl jewelry. The channel has an introductory video and one on-demand hour-long video showcasing different pieces of pearl jewelry. To add a bit of novelty to the channel, the host asks shoppers if they would like to have their oyster opened on the show and reveal the oyster inside or have the unopened oyster shipped to their residence.

Since the channel is not a live broadcast you can not call in to the show. If you would like to purchase an item you need to do so through their website where you will be notified via email when your oyster will be opened on live TV.

Below is an introductory video for the show found on YouTube.

-- Information is current as of November 9, 2016

Developer's Channel Description: The Pearl Channel (TPC) is an information streaming television network, using Roku streaming technology. We produce and direct the shows in our studio located in the beautiful city of Ashboro, North Carolina. TPC is ready to display one of God's most beautiful gifts, Pearls via Roku TV.

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DEVELOPER: The Pottery Channel

FEES: None

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